Women’s History Month–Highlighting Bella Modeling School as They Work to Revamp the Modeling/Entertainment Industry

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Women’s History Month is an important annual celebration of the achievements of women throughout history and the present day. This month is an opportunity to recognize and honor the contributions of women in all areas of life, from politics and government, to the arts and sciences, to athletics and business. It also serves to encourage young women to pursue their dreams and to inspire current and future generations of women to strive for equality, justice, and respect.

The modeling industry is undergoing some major positive changes with a newfound focus on diversity and inclusion and taking a step in the right direction. One such company that highlights these positive changes is Bella Modeling School, located in Dallas, Texas, McKinney, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. The school is actively working to break down barriers and create an environment that embraces all individuals regardless of race, size, or age.

Bella Modeling School is the only one of its kind, as it shines a light on the very best aspects of what it means to be a model and actor, and a woman. There is something very profound about the steps that the institution is taking as an industry gamechanger, as there is a growing acceptance of models of all body types and sizes, as well as a move away from the traditional “ideal” look. The school is also taking strides to include more models from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as is a major focus of the school’s work. By creating more inclusive spaces and a greater representation of different people, the modeling industry is beginning to reflect real beauty more authentically, as well as a deeper feeling of confidence.

Through Bella Modeling School, Founder Estela Trevizo, a Latinx woman, and her team offer training for aspiring models and actors. The brand teaches its students about the business side of the industry, as well as posing, facial expressions, runway, commercial acting and TV film acting. With an extensive list of things that the school can offer its students, Bella Modeling School also does photo shoots and video demo reels for the attendees so that they can start building their portfolios as they take on applying for jobs within the industry.

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There is truly nothing quite like this in the modeling community, as is evident from the way that Bella Modeling School has become a cornerstone for models and actors throughout each city it has franchised to. The school has carved out a space in the Texas communities in the past 10 years for creative, performative individuals to seek out like minded people and foster their talents, and is working to do the same on a nationwide level.

“Our biggest focus is on building confidence throughout the program, which we hope will allow our students to enter the industry armed with the right mindset, confidence and skills,” Estela explains. Upon completion of the program, Bella Modeling School leverages their agency contacts, setting up agency meet and greets, so that their former students can have the opportunity to get scouted and find an agency that works best for them.

On top of all of that, graduates of the modeling school are able to participate in a well produced fashion show graduation to show off to their family and friends just how far they have come in the industry. The school works alongside local designers and boutiques on their fashion shows, exposing the community’s small business to a new audience with each graduating class. This feature highlights the brands desire to build up small business owners, as well as foster a culture that celebrates success on all platforms.

As a woman operating in the modeling and entertainment industry, Estela puts her heart into the movement towards changing the modeling community for the better, which is evident through her work through the school.

“The end goal doesn’t define you,” Estela says. “The journey, and who you become along the way is what matters more. Your persistence, determination and hard work– it’s all on you to make it happen.”

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About The Founder:

Estela Trevizo is a first generation Mexican-American, who, after leaving her position in Corporate America, pursued her own business with Bella Modeling School while still continuing her career as a model/actress. Estela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and is currently signed to The Campbell Agency in Dallas, TX. She has been a successful model for over 15 years having been featured by numerous national companies as a model and actress and voice over actress including Sephora, Vince Camuto, Kay Jewelers, Mary Kay, TXU Energy, Aetna, Best Buy, Chevy, Silk Threads, Dallas College, Dallas County, Blue Bell, McDonalds, Ashley Furniture, ATT and many more. She is also the Spokesperson for Frontier Utilities as “Lois Price”. She has grown her business, Bella Modeling School from the ground up, as it reached national acclaim.

For more information about Estela and the Bella Modeling School, visit their instagram and their website.

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