A trio of women who stayed at a Glendale motel are suing for medical bills and mental anguish after claiming they were attacked by blood-engorged bed bugs.

Here's the thing, ladies: When you stay at a place called the Rodeway Inn-Regalodge Motel (average nightly rate $62, according to TripAdvisor), and you wake up to shouts from the drug dealer down the hall, and moans from the hooker in the room next door, bed bugs are what they call in the business “an amenity.” It isn't the Waldof Astoria.

While we kid, even the hotel admits it tried four times to exterminate the critters.

A lawsuit set to move forward this spring claims the woman had to seek medical care after being attacked by the bugs, according to the Glendale News-Press.

On the night of their stay, the suit claims, the three turned over mattresses and found bugs and larvae before checking out at 3 a.m. Surprise. What did they expect to find — Osama Bin Laden?

“They started itching one night and didn't know what it was,” their attorney told KTLA News this morning.

(It was frugality feasting on their skin).

Nicole Eatman, Vera Domini and Regina Martocci want undisclosed restitution for their doctor bills and mental pain.

You know what's mentally painful about at $62 motel? Having to stay at a $62 motel.

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