So you had a swingin' night out with your hubby and you make it home and pretty much crash. He passes out on the couch and you head to the bedroom to dream about little fluffy clouds.

Except that somebody's randy and starts to touch you, lick your breast and pull your pants down. Not tonight, honey. Except … it's not honey!

It's the creepy neighbor from down the hall:

The City Attorney's office says that's what happened in April, 2010 when neighbor Bayarsaikhan Bazarragchaa entered the unlocked door of the couple's apartment in the 500 block of Berendo Street and started to get his grab on with this sleeping beauty.

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According to a prosecutor's statement:

When the defendant tried to remove the victim's pants, the victim protested, awakened, and realized that the defendant was not her husband. The defendant then left the apartment and the victim reported the crime to police.

For that Bazarragchaa was convicted of two counts of sexual battery and one count of unauthorized entry of a property while the resident was present, the City Attorney's office announced today.

As part of a plea agreement the office is asking the judge to sentence him next month to the following:

48 months probation, 120 days of jail or Caltrans work, mandatory sex offender registration, and psychological evaluation. It is also expected that the Court will order Defendant Bazarragchaa to stay away from the victim and abstain from alcohol use during the period of his probation.

The lesson here:

Stay away from your passed-out, attached neighbor. If she's into you she'll let you know … when she's awake (and hopefully unattached). Right?

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