Wolfgang Puck's WP24: Or Look, Up in the Sky!

Angry lobster at WP24; Credit: Anne FishbeinAngry lobster at WP24; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Need a visual aid for your print edition? Jonathan Gold visits Wolfgang Puck's WP24. (“Is WP24 so named because it is Wolfgang Puck’s 24th restaurant? Is it because the building sits around the corner from Staples Center, where Kobe Bryant wears said number on his back? Does it remind somebody of the glint of pure gold? I prefer to think of it as a sneaky feng shui move, the sum of eight, eight and eight, a series of digits that adds up to guaranteed good luck.”) Click through for Anne Fishbein's spectacular photos and read more in Gold's Counter Intelligence, “Look, Up in the Sky!”

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