With the opening of his latest restaurant WP24, Wolfgang Puck (“it's not water and power“) has been making the rounds, well, even more than usual. The other night Puck was on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, and the combination of accents (Austrian for Puck, Scottish for Ferguson) and silly hats and safety goggles made the segment considerably funnier than most chef-on-a-talk-show appearances. Ferguson, of course, is much more of a riot than anyone else on late night television, especially with Conan temporarily off the air. And Puck, we found after spending 4 hours with him touring his empire recently, can be hilarious. “You have a good stomach, you're Scottish,” said Puck after Ferguson started eating the bits and pieces, including raw duck, on the prep table. Puck's lettuce cups, Ferguson's edible underware.

LA Weekly