The sexual assault trial of fashion designer Anand Jon turned uglier today amid disclosures that the sister of prosecution background witness “Kristin S” was contacted over the weekend in North Carolina by an anonymous caller who told the sister that Kristin was missing, and who then asked the woman if she knew Kristin’s whereabouts. The female caller hung up, prompting Kristin’s parents to ask their daughter to return from Los Angeles, where she is scheduled to testify against Jon this afternoon.

The normally imperturbable Judge David S. Wesley was clearly angry as he told defense lawyers he would hold all of them in contempt if any one of them is found to have violated his protective order regarding witness information.

“I’ve admonished you before and I’m finished admonishing,” the judge said, and ordered the attorneys from handing over prosecution-witness information to Anand Jon or his family. “I am very, very unhappy.”

Wesley scheduled a hearing to be held Tuesday morning, during which two defense investigators will be queried about their roles, if any, in the information leak or the calls themselves.

LA Weekly