You may have eyeballed this happening lady at any number of hep arts and music events around town, an ethereal, statuesque blonde clad all in white, playing the part of the Oracle. Perhaps you've popped into the House of Intuition in Echo Park and found this expert in Oriental medicine, alchemy and the I Ching doing a reading for a customer. Little did you know, Maja D'Aoust, self-described “White Witch of Los Angeles,” has lectured extensively at the Philosophical Research Society and also gives a monthly talk covering all manner of esoteric subjects at the Besant Lodge. So close to Valentine's Day, D'Aoust presents “Influence and the Covert Power of Love,” investigating the uses and abuses of love as a source of control. What role does love play in power struggles and solutions in the history of magic, religion and culture? How do we sway one another using our hearts and our hoo-hahs? Find out in this lively discussion, which is sure to contain a few tips and tricks. Besant Lodge, 2560 N. Beachwood Drive, Hlywd.; Sun., Feb. 12, 6 p.m.; $5.

Sun., Feb. 12, 6 p.m., 2012

LA Weekly