Thank goodness for hair gel. Now we can all finally get over our Sideways “I'm not drinking any f#cking merlot!” complex. Of course, we all know that celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson makes a mean cocktail party chignon (a fancy and expensive name for your grandmom's bun). Now he's added a line of wine-inspired hair products – Build It (volumizer), Fix It (gel), Tame It (frizz control). And, at $20 a pop, they're considerably less than Gibson's hourly bun-making rate. The purported Happy Hour hair-changing ingredient? Merlot.

Pump-and-spray is perhaps not quite the type of bottling fans of Merlot had in mind, but hey, why not. As for why the grape is the chosen ingredient, a press release touts its antioxidants and ability to “prevent deterioration of the hair's proteins from environmental stresses.” Here's another anti-stress solution: Drink a damn bottle of Merlot.

LA Weekly