As promised, Gordon Ramsay has joined the Twitter universe. The chef started tweeting yesterday, and has already tweeted his way from the UK to Los Angeles, where he had dinner at Bouchon last night and promptly started bumping into celebrities, who doubtless tweeted about bumping into him too. New World Order Telephone Tag. Ramsay already has 3,784 followers. Sigh, make that 3,785. Three of his six (very sedate) extant tweets read as follows.

@gordonramsay01: here we go…about time i got to grips with twitter… 3:39 AM Feb 1st from web

@gordonramsay01: quickly popping into plane food – last english breakfast before i head off to lala land. see you on the other side… 3:58 AM Feb 1st from web

@gordonramsay01: popped into bouchon restaurant tonight. bumped into Victoria, Rusell Brand and Katy Perry. All 3 tables 6 inches apart. rule britannia! about 14 hours ago from web

You can follow Gordon Ramsay at @GordonRamsay01.

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