According to the British website Love Music, Love Food (LMLF), “there are two things which help to make the world a better place, food and music.” To that end, LMLF combines the two in a collection of photographs of musicians with their favorite food and drink. “Anything from cupcakes to blueberries, milkshakes to mojitos.” The photographs, from food photographer Patrice de Villiers, are stunning, like this one with Robert Daltry in a halo of trout. (Here's the link to a gallery via The Guardian.) LMLF is also a project with a cause. Or another cause, really, since showing rock stars in proximity to food is sometimes a cause in and of itself.

The art is done in association with Teenage Cancer Trust, which helps improve the life and chances of survival for young people with cancer. If you're in England, LMLF will be showing their work at Royal Albert Hall, with an exhibition from March 22nd to April 19th. They're also planning on publishing limited edition and coffee-table books to raise funds for the charity. And if you have a suggestion for a musician for them to photograph, there's a wish list too. Hey, how about Amy Winehouse. She still eats, doesn't she?

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