God knows we know how hard it is to get a viral blogpost out of a band like No Age…

Two guys. Solid chops. A largeish but mostly quiet following. No scandals. Mundane lives. No romantic entanglements with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and/or livestock (at least that we know of). Last time we spoke to their people, their idea of generating buzz for their Bowl show was volunteering access for one of our writers to join one of the bandmembers on a Craigslist run to buy an amp. Yep, we had to go for it. (They also gave us a promo photo where you can't see their faces. No, really.)

Well, this really good magazine from the UK called The Stool Pigeon (online only? UK readers: is there a paper version?) figured out a novel angle.

See (above) No Age's Randy Randall and Dean Spunt lying on Karl Marx's tomb in London.

Also, some choice No Age quotes about Marxism and why at The Smell a benevolent dictatorship is preferable than an anarchist collective:

Yeah, we don't know either.

“I remember reading Das Kapital in high school and feeling very open to the ideas,” he says. “What I wanted to know is, 'How is communism so bad?' In America, it's like, 'Well, in theory it works but in practice it doesn't.' And I kind of agree. I like the idea, but seeing it operate — not even on a governmental level, but on a smaller scale, like in anarcho co-op venues like 922 Gillman Street in Berkeley, where everyone has an equal say in how it's run… you just see things fall apart. I prefer the model of places like The Smell in LA. That place is the vision of one guy called Jim Smith, who's influenced us a lot. He opens up, closes, cleans everything, pays the rent, and all he asks is that bands bring the art.”

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