Three former U.S. Marines were arrested after they allegedly sold some pretty deadly firepower — semiautomatic assault-type rifles — to members of L.A.'s Florencia 13 gang.

Now, here's a legitimate question: If the bad guys are allegedly getting their hands on weapons that could shoot through some cops' body armor, why is it so hard for upstanding citizens to carry weapons for their own protection?

There's a web of complicated gun laws, particularly in California, regarding where and how you can possess a firearm.

The law and its enforcement have gotten so twisted that members of a group called Open Carry have taken it upon themselves to holster their weapons in plain site at Starbucks and even at a recent Manhattan Beach family fair — just to highlight their right to bear arms.

Perhaps they're going too far, but still, they have a legitimate point: Criminals seem to have the least resistance in buying and holding guns. What gives?

Our commenter of the day, SP Gun Owner, says (with tongue in cheek):

Wait, these guns are illegal in CA…. so are you telling me criminals are still selling and using them? WTF is going on? We passed laws to make them illegal! Please, can someone notify the criminals and let them know they are not allowed to do this.

We'll send them a letter and let you know if they comply.

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