Ah yes, the gun nuts who are part of the Open Carry movement love to show off sidearms and flaunt their rights at Starbucks, Peet's Coffee & Tea, California Pizza Kitchen and now, as the Daily Breeze reports, even at a family fair.

Fair enough (or not). The idea, they say, is to exercise their right to bear arms, especially in a state that seems to make it a crime to even think about guns.

But if they really wanted to make a point instead of scaring people with their lethal phallic symbols, shouldn't the Open Carry folks target areas that could truly benefit from the presence of scary white men with weapons?  Why are they instead hanging out with kids at a suburban park this weekend in Manhattan Beach? The question is inspired by our commenter of the day, Xericx:

I think they should try to do this at the Slauson swap meet sometime and see what happens. Manhattan Beach? haha. Good luck

By Slauson Swap Meet, Xericx means the hood, ya dig? It's a funny question. But seriously, we don't recommend actually trying this.

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