The city of L.A. has had worse luck trying to pass rules that govern pot shops than the Obama administration has had in trying to make health-care reform a reality. In fact City Hall's efforts at regulating cannabis retailers started when George W. Bush was still president.

And still, rule number one is there are no rules, practically, when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A. This after a judge ordered the city to stop enforcing its rules because, essentially, they're too confusing to weed-store owners.

Yeah, after years of trying to find the right words, the rules ended up being too confusing. Because the City Council hasn't had enough time to figure it out.

Sometimes we wonder if the pot-lovers on the council (fine with us, but admit it already) had this in mind all along — that the ordinance would be so crappy as to be rendered un-enforceable by a judge.

Well, here you go.

Our commenter of the day, Anonymous, wonders why L.A. would even allow pot retailers. If weed was such good medicine, why don't they sell it at Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens?

If this is a medicine then dispense it through existing pharmacies. Just what is so complex about it? Why do we need hundreds of dispensaries which give out only one medicine? It is a mockery of the word dispensary, used every else in the world than here that are a full fledged medical dispensary.

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