Why are there so many truck accidents in Los Angeles?

Truck accidents are unavoidable, despite countless efforts to improve driving conditions and educate drivers on the risks of improper behavior behind the wheel. In states like California that see increased traffic owing to their geographic position, the number is more concerning than in other cities in the United States. The number of deaths caused by truck accidents across the country rose by 10% in the last decade, reaching 5,788 fatalities in 2021. Los Angeles, the largest Californian city, represents a significant contributor.

Extensive training to get a truck driving license doesn’t guarantee zero risks on the roads when operating a truck or tractor-trailer. In fact, those with long years of experience and lengthy careers are susceptible to accidents because they’re highly confident in their skills.

There are more reasons why truck accidents are frequent in Los Angeles, so if you’re operating such a vehicle here, you should be aware of the most common ones to prevent hazards.

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Drowsy driving

According to the National Sleep Foundation, drowsy driving is among the main factors contributing to the alarming number of truck accidents. This is more accurate for truck drivers operating through Los Angeles as the city can be tiring to cross, given the high traffic on the roads compared to other US cities. Commercial drivers spend valuable time in their chairs daily, performing the same tasks that require the best of their attention. This is why the Hours of Service declared an 11-hour driving limit regulation. It limits dangerous driving habits by restricting employers from exceeding 11 hours on duty.

A truck accident leads to more severe damages than a car accident, given the size of the vehicle and its functionality. In case you or some you know gets involved in a truck accident in Los Angeles, there are ways to reduce the damages suffered. A Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer can help you determine whose fault the incident was, walk you through the bureaucratic process, and maximize the likelihood of a successful claim, regardless of whether it’s taken to court.

Aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is also at fault for the many truck accidents in Los Angeles. Traffic in Los Angeles is heavy most of the day, especially during evening and morning commutes. The city ranks among the first cities at the top of traffic-congested US cities, and the large population and land area, growing car ownership, and lousy public transportation all contribute to truck drivers’ impatience. This results in an urge to engage in improper behavior, and each aggressive action, whether honking, cutting off other participants in traffic, tailgating, or not yielding purposefully, has serious consequences.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving accounts for a significant part of accidents in each US state, so it shouldn’t surprise that Los Angeles isn’t spared from distraught drivers either. The state banned the use of smartphones to minimize the number of crashes involving absent-minded car operators. However, using any other communication tool can be just as risky since your attention is taken away from the possible dangers on the road.

Driving under the influence

It’s illegal in Los Angeles to drive after consuming alcohol, drugs, a cocktail of the two, or with a BAC of 0.08% or higher. However, impaired driving is still one of the most concerning topics in California, making many victims, mainly due to truck accidents. Despite the regulations, some individuals drive after consuming substances that may alter their perception and impact their skills, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Speeding and exceeding weight limits are common factors leading to truck accidents in Los Angeles. But with medical and legal help and expertise, the damages may be reduced, and the driver may get back on track quicker.

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