WhooKilledKenny Teaches the Game: L.A.-based, Texas-bred rapper WhooKilledKenny has released new single and video “Teach Her the Game,”  a perfect California cruising anthem for the fall.

The track was produced by Hollywood Cole (Drake, Isaiah Rashad, Lil Wayne), and the artist says it “is about a girl building her confidence and learning how to succeed at the game of life and dating.”

The lyrics seem a little harsh on the surface, but then he slides in with a line like “Nah, I ain’t perfect, but who’s better than me?” and you have to love his confidence.

According to the press release, “The video takes the song’s confidence building narrative to a literal place, with Kenny playing basketball and tennis with his sure-to-be bae. Between necessary moments of just chilling by the pool. It’s enough to make you want to step your own game up.”

Check it out below.

WhooKilledKenny Teaches the Game: WhooKilledKenny’s “Teach Her the Game” is out now.

Press bio:

At only 25 years old, Austin, Texas native Whookilledkenny has become a shining hope in the Austin hip-hop scene. Originally starting as a Christian rapper due to his grandmother growing tired of him falling asleep in church, he turned to making secular music in his adulthood, dropping his single “Check on Me” ft. Lil’ Baby in 2018. Since then, he has amassed over 8 million streams on Spotify and 500k views on Youtube with singles such as “Finna Charge” and “Rich Rich.” Coming up listening to artists like Lil’ Wayne, WhooKilledKenny’s music is full of catchy reverberant hooks, early aughts and cheeky references, amid some the most hard-hitting beats. Oozing charisma and swagger, Whookilledkenny seeks to stay consistent. The hip-hop artist has stayed the course through the last 2 years, consistently putting out music, and having recently released “Don Julio” last month with more to come in the future. As Whookilledkenny stated on Twitter “You won’t get much done if you only grind on the days you feel good.” He’s ready to expand his reach and lift off.”




























































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