Tempest is So Gone: Fast-rising singer and songwriter Tempest has released new song and video “So Gone,” her second single of the year.

“‘So Gone’ is showing the different perspectives that we might have when it comes to being ghosted,” Tempest said in a statement. “The first part of the song explains how much a waste of time that person was. While the second half of the song shows vulnerability towards the situation.”

The song sees Tempest working yet again with friend and collaborator Naomi Wild, and it tells a relatable, heartbreaking story of getting ghosted. The songs throws curveballs, switching tempos when the listener least expects it.

“The unforgiving track offers listeners a glimpse at Tempest’s artistic versatility and finds her unabashedly meditating on the pain and confusion of being ghosted in a situationship,” reads the press release. “’So Gone’ touches on complex emotion and is bookended by creative production as it kicks off with a lush R&B sound. The single effortlessly weaves into an alt-tinged mood as it combines airy guitar chords and indie-funk. Laying the ground for Tempest and Wild’s captivating switch-up, it transports listeners into a deeper realm via cool, authentic, unrefined, and dynamic storytelling.”

“When you know you like to go around testing me, Finessing me, don’t mess with me,” she sings, suggesting this shit is far from over.

Meanwhile, the video was directed by Lakewood Mall. “The video features rising New Zealand artist TAPZ GALLANTINO as Tempest’s love interest,” reads statement. “It brings to life the song’s poignant feel as it depicts an emotional quest where despite his best ghosting efforts, he’s unable to escape her presence.”

Tempest is So Gone: Tempest’s “So Gone” single is out now.


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