The rumors have abounded for months, that Whole Foods would take over the 2520 Glendale Boulevard location in Silver Lake currently occupied by Ralphs. Today, the Eastsider reports that a company spokesperson for Whole Foods has confirmed that “there is a commitment to occupy the … location.” Timing and specifics are not currently available.

The move poses a whole slew of questions that reflect on the very essence of Silver Lake as a neighborhood.

Can the area cosmically sustain any more douchery of the type Whole Foods is likely to foster? Will the Silver Lake Trader Joe's lose its coveted spot as L.A.'s most important organic clusterfuck? And will this absolutely ruin one of the last lovably scruffy corners of Silver Lake forever and ever, leading to higher rents, more insufferable rich hipster moms, and less actual personality and fun — like the (very) nearby Red Lion Tavern?

I don't know the answer to these questions (just kidding, the answer to all of them is “yes”), but I do know that parking lot isn't anywhere near big enough for Whole Foods-level madness.

All important things to ponder on a Wednesday.

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