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Success has many pathways, each woven in struggle and laced with hardship. There have always been people who thought differently and saw the world from a different perspective.

Unfortunately, most people are afraid and dislike what they don’t understand. And those who fight through the opposition with determination are the ones that make it.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.” So, they became the change they wanted to bring into this world. These remarkable people faced opposition, not just for their actions but also for their ideas. Their journey was fraught with challenges, but they pressed on, driven by a firm belief in their vision.

Tirus Kimble and Wallie Sue are two creators that have established a cult-like fan following for themselves over the years.

They call it The Weeb Dynasty.

Let’s delve into the inspiring journey of Wallie Sue and Tirus Kimble and discover the secret behind their perseverance.

Believe in What You Believe.

There is nothing guaranteed when building an empire. Success certainly isn’t. The only thing that is guaranteed is challenges.

Wallie Sue, a woman donning the message of liberation and freedom of expression, could attest to this fact entirely. Despite being one of the most successful creators out there, she also holds the reputation for being the most banned creator globally.

Keyboard warriors and many people came in with their suggestions to quit her venture. Yet, through all the opposition, Wallie Sue believed in the message she wanted to send out.

People nowadays are too caught up in impressing each other, which only breeds feelings of self-loathing and depression. With her Tiktok content, Wallie Sue gave people confidence that they, too, may be comfortable in their own skin.

Her undying belief in herself took her to be one of the top 0.4% Subscription-based content platform content creators with a net worth between 1 and 3 million dollars. However, success isn’t just a one-person effort.

Two Are Better Than One

In your journey toward success, the people you take with you play a crucial role. Sometimes, you will be down in the dirt, contemplating whether the fight is worth it. In times like these, you need someone to dust you off, pick you up and make you believe in yourself.

And the man who fuels Wallie’s belief and stands with her as her confidant is Tirus Kimble. Their story is nothing less than a fairy tale. Wallie Sue was a member of a conservative family. She was mocked, ridiculed, and suppressed by her own.

She wanted nothing more than to express herself. That is when, at her lowest, she met Tirus Kimble. She was given the confidence to pursue what she loved doing the most. He would help her manage her Tiktok and Instagram, which took her social media growth to the next level.

Soon, their labor began to bear fruit, and soon, they would make history.

In life, you can truly determine the real ones with you in your darkest hours; it’s too easy being with you in your successes. Even though the couple was banned from Tiktok and Instagram a grand total of 121 times, they stuck with each other. Tirus believes in Wallie more than he believes in himself.

This is a true testament to any relationship.

Tirus and Wallie’s relationship became a symbol among the community, so their fans are devoted to the Weeb Dynasty.

They resonate with Tirus and Wallie’s story. The Weeb Dynasty is a hub of creators and freethinkers who learn from each other, hype each other, and are there through the wins and the losses.

The stronger the opposition, the more their fans will come closer and defend what Tirus and Wallie are trying to build here.

Sure, Tiktok and Instagram may abide by their “community guidelines” and ban the duo for their “overtly sexually aggressive content,” but the Dynasty will still keep marching on.

Giving Back

Through their successes, Wallie and Tirus are humble and do not hesitate to give back to the people. Their work, regarded as “evil” and villanized by the keyboard warriors, generated funds to send 500 of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites off to Ukraine to aid them against Russia’s tyranny. Additionally, the income generated from Wallie’s business is also used to fund homeless shelters for war-stricken refugees.

It’s ironic how, even though their work is opposed the most over the internet, they have done more good than those keyboard warriors can fathom.

Weeb Dynasty’s humility resonates throughout the community, which is also one of the many reasons they are so loved.

So what have we learned? The Weeb Dynasty’s story is a case study on building a loyal fanbase for themselves. The word “loyal” is vital here. Loyalty from fans is what makes businesses unstoppable. To establish one for yourself, you need to have an idea worth fighting for, have the right people around and, most importantly, persevere.

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