It was a big year for unemployment, foreclosures, stimulus packages, bailouts and … the internet. After all, those without jobs, full-time freelancers and the under-employed would be bored to death if it weren't for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Now we're asking you to use that hard-earned online expertise and let us know what your favorite local sites are. is hosting the LA Web Awards 2009 and we need you to nominate the best L.A. sites through Dec. 31. Celebrity and expert judges, including Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira, Nerdist's Chris Hardwick, Digg's Aubrey Sabala, Web personality iJustine and more, will come up with the winners, to be announced at a major shindig in January that we'll tell you about later.

There are 36 categories that need your input, from L.A.'s Best Twitterer to Worst Flamer, from Politics Blog to iPhone App, from News Blog to Government Site. You get the picture. There's a lot to choose from, and we can't do it without the Twitterati, bloggers, and media surfers of this great city. Help us out by nominating a few of your faves here.

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