West Coast Sound received an email yesterday that intrigued us. It read, in part:


This was interesting for a few reasons. A: we love a good band beef. B: LA Weekly recently published a feature on Holy Grail, which was formed by three former members of White Wizzard. Hmmm.

The email, from White Wizzard's label, Earache Records, continued:

The lineup featured on WHITE WIZZARD's September 8th debut mini-album, HIGH SPEED GTO is much different from that of the current lineup whom will be recording a full length album set for release in 2010. Recently, several ex-members from the previous lineup have begun making headlines in a newly signed band who's former name shared an eerily similar theme with that of WHITE WIZZARD's. WHITE WIZZARD bassist, Jon Leon has written a statement to clear up any confusion about the band's lineup changes and to serve notice that there is only one WHITE WIZZARD.

Before we go any further, you should see what exactly we're talking about here. Below is the video for White Wizzard's “High Speed GTO,” which features “several ex members” (i.e. everyone but bassist Jon Leon).

It seems that after White Wizzard recorded High Speed GTO, the original incarnation did a few gigs. The release continues:

Upon completion, the band played a few shows with the first line up. It was quickly obvious that the line up that was formed to do the first recordings was not going to work for the long term.

Some of the ex members that were in WW for a brief time have a new band. This band is in no way associated with WW. WHITE WIZZARD has never split up. WHITE WIZZARD is stronger than ever and fully armed and operational. As for any ex members we wish them well, but we also want to stress that in the end, they were not right for WHITE WIZZARD and are trying to use their WW roots for extra publicity.

We just want to set the record straight. Please look for our full length album in early 2010 on EARACHE RECORDS worldwide. Also please enjoy the Mini album, which is a fun sample of early WW songs and only a taste of what is yet to come. Thanks to all of our early fans for the support. Please spread the word!! Hails! – Jon Leon”

Here's the new incarnation of White Wizzard:

White Wizzard vs. Holy Grail. Sounds pretty epic, eh? Like maybe there's a Middle Earthen battle getting ready to go down. Who will have more power, the Wizzard or the Grail? Will either of them succeed in bringing classic metal back from the dead?

LA Weekly