From disgusting potato chip flavors to McDonald's new menu changes, here at the food stories this week that caught our attention. 

Pringles has released this year's holiday flavors, and they are horrifying. As if white chocolate wasn't bad enough in chocolate form. 

The 2014 haters guide to the Williams Sonoma catalogue is out, and it has, among other things, this brilliant commentary on $99 lobster mac and cheese: “I wanna run a business where people pay me that much to ruin lobster. Why does mac and cheese get a pass from the 'don't put cheese on seafood' rule? Is it because Americans just blindly eat any mac and cheese you put in front of them?”


McDonald's is cutting 8 menu items, but we don't know what they are. They're also adding a build-your-own-burger option. All this as the company's profits continue to slide. Where is the Taco Doritos Locos of McDonald's??? (Hint: Probably not on a build your own menu.)

Lucky Duck in Silver Lake is closing after less than a year in business. (You can read our review of the restaurant here.)

For the serious wine geeks among you, here's a smart look at the changes happening in the Jura, which the author describes as “the Urban Outfitters effect.” 

A David and Goliath story for the food world: The Eat More Kale dude has triumphed over Chik-fil-A!

Another huge closure for L.A. is Rivera. In case you missed our post earlier this week, I explain why I'm sadly not super surprised

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