If you're the sort of person who stocks bottles of Oban and Talisker and Bunnahabhain the way some people hoard cans of soup, you're in serious luck. Whisky Live is coming to Los Angeles for the first time this month. It may sound like a sadistic fraternity drinking game, but it's really a rather genteel tasting event. You get to sample whiskies from around the world, take whisky masterclasses, eat all that catered food from Patina, and even smoke cigars in an (outdoor) cigar bar. How downright civilized. The event is held worldwide–check out the cool map, which looks kind of like a Where's Waldo for itinerant Scotsman–but this is the first time it's being held here. Check the website for tickets and times. If you miss it, you can always grab a bottle of duty-free en route to Cape Town, Leiden or Shanghai. But why, really, when you can drink at home.

Whisky Live, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium: 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica. October 20,

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