It's October, so that means that we get to watch … a whole bunch of the same monster movies we watch every October. It's giallo month at Cinefamily, so while you wait for a future screening of Vice Wears Black Hose or Interrabang , in the meantime it's worthwhile to revisit this Dario Argento double-feature: the uncut 126-minute version of Deep Red (1975) and Opera (1987). Sure signs that you're watching a giallo film: black-gloved killers, blind people, copious amounts of nudity, and hallucinations. Deep Red stars David Hemmings as the pianist who gets drawn into a whirlpool of bloody intrigue involving inventive murders and one of the freakiest dummies to come along until Curtains (1983). Opera features the same giallo trappings, a score by Brian Eno, and that incredible visual of a girl's eyes held open by pins so she can't shut them to avoid watching the murder being played out just for her.

Thu., Oct. 7, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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