Psst… Yes you, you look like a discerning psychedelic explorer. Can you spare two million bucks? Ok, ok–how about $1,890,000? That's exactly what it would cost you to purchase Pioneertown's bar and concert venue Pappy & Harriet's, the almost mythical hangout for LA's beardies, mind-expansion druggies, neo-hippies, people mourning Arthur magazine, people who used to run Arthur magazine, Burners and the people who love them (plus fans of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, for whom P&H is a holy shrine).

The “For Sale” online ad appeared quietly on a real estate website before being picked up by the distraught peeps behind LA Record (our favorite local music publication), who are on suicide watch right now facing the impeding sale of their clubhouse, quite possibly to AEG, LiveNation, the people who ran the ACE motel or a combination thereof [<==note for the humorless: we kid!]:

Our beloved escape from freakality, Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace is up for sale? NOOOOO! What? Why? First their motel goes. And now this. Is there no justice in this world?! Someone buy it for us please? Pappy & Harriet's should be a protected landmark preserved as is, a refuge for psychedelic events and inner wanderings among outer space.

Could this be The End of the Sixties???

You know who else loves the current Pappy & Harriet's? Neo-Britpoppers invented by the NME who want to get their Keith & Gram thing on in the desert!

Behold a recent “secret” Arctic Monkeys gig:

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