Prediction: fifteen years from now, at a random hotspot in Hollywood, Rebecca Black's “Friday” will be the song that gets everybody on the floor. Club kids will grind to Gaga and they'll cut it to Kanye, too, sure, but the tracks that'll incite screams and singlalongs and dancing in unison will be the most obnoxious of the decade prior.

Ke$ha has a killer comeback to look forward to.

Yes, today's wacky fluff is tomorrow's nostalgic hot stuff. It's the natural cycle of retro clubdom, it seems, and promoter/DJ Jason Lavitt is one of the kings of the scene. He had spikey-haired hipsters dancing to “Ice Ice Baby” before it was cool at Beat It at The Ruby, and has since moved on to the '90s with Club Wannabe (recently moved to Boardners). He says the biggest response from the floor comes from pop confections, the sillier the better. Last night at the club, we saw the phenom for ourselves.

Though it was wet, Wannabe had a more than decent turnout moving to these “classics,” along with the usual diva pop (Mariah, Britney, and Christina, whose first hits are more than a decade old now).

With The Ruby shuttering this week, it seems 18 and over clubbers will be concentrated at the other Hollywood venues left in its wake: Boardners, where Wannabe takes place Sundays, is also where Lavitt is moving Saturday's Club Bang to Friday nights. It was also just announced that The Evil Club Empire (which does its '80s night, Blue Mondays, at Boardners) is moving both Perversion (was Thursdays but will now be Saturdays) and Clockwork Orange Fridays to the 21+ Dragonfly.

Look for Club Bang, which has changed its promotership (rock photog Piper Ferguson and Goldenvoice gal Shalyce Benfell are out, and DJ Bip Jeffington is in), to host a special Lady Gaga night featuring the drag band from Lavitt and Joseph Brooks' ('90s) glam bash, Club Makeup, in April.

Here, we present you with the Top 10 silly '90s-ditties-now-dance-club smashes, courtesy of Mr. Lavitt.

Whaddya think? Too soon (to be ironic)?

10. “BLUE (DA BA DEE)” -Eiffel 65

9. “THONG SONG” -Sisqo

8. “MAMBO NO. 5 (A Little Bit…)” -Lou Bega


6. “MAN! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN” -Shania Twain

5. “WHAT IS LOVE” -Haddaway

4. “THE BAD TOUCH” -Bloodhound Gang

3. “BARBIE GIRL” -Aqua

2. “WE LIKE TO PARTY” -Vengaboys

1. “MACARENA” -Los Del Rio

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