Dear Mr. Gold:

How could you mention the new book on Syrian Jewish cooking in your column and not name the author?

—Jonathan Roberts, Hollywood

Dear Mr. Roberts:

You, sir, are correct. The book in question was almost certainly Aromas of Aleppo, the profusely illustrated masterpiece of the estimable Poopa Dweck. If you ask me, Ms. Dweck has captured the definitive recipe for kibbe hamda.

—Jonathan Gold


Dear Mr. Gold:

My birthday is tomorrow, and one of my favorite dishes is beef Wellington. Would you know any good place in L.A. where they serve it as a regular item?—Michael, Los Angeles

Dear Michael:

Beef Wellington is not really my kind of dish — the last thing I tasted resembling it was a Spam Wellington at a defunct fusion-cuisine restaurant on Third Street — but it is very much still on the menu at Le Petit Chateau, an exceedingly old-line French restaurant in North Hollywood… gooey pate, puff-pastry shell and all. 4615 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, (818) 769-1812.—Jonathan Gold

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