Where the Unseen Meets the Unusual: Aliana Ziva Seeger-Madsen Unleashes the Wild World of Spirit and Animals

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The unbelievable realm of spirit connection and animal enlightenment will be revealed by Aliana Ziva Seeger-Madsen, so be ready to go on a ride with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster at a fair. Aliana is asking you to go on a fantastic mystery trip of self-discovery unlike any other with the publication of her mind-blowing masterwork, “22 Letters From Uncle Jack,” in June 2022.

Aliana began working as a humane and equestrian physiotherapist in 2011, but she had no idea that the cosmos had other intentions for her. Her journey reads like a Hollywood film plot. She was guided by a little inner voice through a confusing series of mental and emotional difficulties until suddenly, 2017, appeared, and everything changed. Her abilities as a medium and animal communicator were suddenly made apparent, as if a lamp the size of the sun had just turned on.

Aliana’s journey from the depths of emotional and spiritual despair to soaring in the light is chronicled in “22 Letters From Uncle Jack” owing to her dependable spirit guide. Discovering your actual self and giving it a huge, warm embrace are the main themes of this book. Consider it a manual for rediscovering who you are via a metaphysical makeover that includes spirituality, transformation, alignment, and reality changing.

Keep your crystal balls handy, however, because “22 Letters From Uncle Jack” isn’t just any book; it’s a mystical gateway to a place where the distinction between this world and the hereafter becomes as hazy as your eyesight does after a séance. Aliana’s book is like a beacon for anybody looking for answers, solace, or a deep change since it contains insights into the skill of chit-chatting with the afterlife and spirit guides.

This book’s main goal is to spread the message that no one is ever really alone and that there is always a spiritual answer to every issue. And what’s this? It’s as simple to pick up as your morning coffee since you can get it on Amazon.

However, there’s still more! Not only is Aliana a gifted writer, but she also organizes some bizarre events. , where she’ll teach you the craft of animal mediumship. Who knew animals could express themselves so well?

Aliana Ziva Seeger-Madsen’s biography:

You may access Aliana’s universe of knowledge and wonder by visiting www.alianathemedium.com. You may book a 1:1 reading with her if you want a more intimate experience, or those who prefer virtual journeys can purchase tickets to her online mediumship events on her Instagram and Linktree.

Aliana Ziva Seeger-Madsen is your passport to a world of wonder, so if you’re ready to explore the unknown and the strange, this is the book for you. Take your psychic compass with you and set off on your quest

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