In Brad Eberhard's 4-foot-tall oil painting Entrar, a large group of small figures wearing colored shirts, skirts or pants walks along an inclining expanse of greens, while green, blue and mauve shapes loom above the figures, some dripping down on them as stalagmites might. In Colored Dirt, another group stops to stare at an illuminated, perfectly rectangular section of the stalagmite-like colored shapes around them. So the figures in the paintings, themselves loose collections of color, are looking at a painterly abstraction of their surroundings. In Way Out, space has more or less collapsed, and the dripping colors and figures become hard to distinguish from one another. The best of the works in “(dis-solve),” Eberhard's current show at Thomas Solomon Gallery, do this: Turn abstraction into figures and figures into abstractions. 27 Bernard St., Chinatown; through April 20. (323) 275-1687,

Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: March 16. Continues through April 20, 2013

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