Where Style Meets Adventure: Unveiling the Luxury Sailing Experience Crafted by Lorenzo Tawakol

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Embarking on a sailing trip is a voyage into the extraordinary, where the gentle lull of the waves becomes a rhythmic melody, and each gust of wind drives you into exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time adventurer, the call of the open sea is an irresistible invitation to discover new horizons.

Imagine yourself aboard a luxury catamaran, the sun kissing your skin as you glide along a stunning Sardinian coastline. Is it reenergizing? Do you wish to make your dream come true and plan your sailing adventure along the picturesque coast? Look no further than a company that offers a versatile catalog of luxury chartered sailing experiences crafted by entrepreneur Lorenzo Tawakol.

As the CEO and co-founder of Luxury Sailing, LTD, Lorenzo invites you on a journey that seamlessly blends style and adventure against the stunning backdrop of Sardinia’s northern coast.

Let’s explore the plans they create to cater to different preferences.

Sailing Plans

  1. 7-Night Trip:

This highly sought-after weeklong adventure promises extensive exploration of the Sardinian coast.

  1. 5-Night Trip:

This deal is an economical way to savor the beauty of Seychelles. Embarking on their Leopard 45 sailing catamaran, you can discover hidden treasures of the tropical shores.

3-Night Trip:
Those seeking a shorter but equally delightful experience along the coast can opt for a 3-night cruise, available from Thursday to Saturday. Aboard their Lagoon sailing catamaran, you can explore the incredible sight of La Maddalena archipelago across the relaxing Tavolara island.

A Typical 7-Night Sailing Adventure

If you secure a spot on the 7-night trip, here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

Day 1 – Saturday:
Depart from the northern area of Sardinia and explore the charming islands near Olbia with prosecco, local fish, and fresh-made pasta on board.

Day 2 – Sunday:
Sail through Tavolara and Morala islands, and their unexplored treasures before reaching Golfo Aranci and Porto Rotondo.

Day 3 – Monday:
Relax in Porto Cervo and indulge in water sports like skiing and snorkeling.

Day 4 – Tuesday:
Explore the museums and forts at Carpera Island, delving into historical accounts.

Day 5 – Wednesday:
Savor the beauty of Maddalena Island, exploring the Maddalena archipelago with various environments.

Day 6 – Thursday:
Drift towards the offshore Lavezzi, admiring the picturesque islands forming the Archipelago of Lavezzi.

Day 7 – Friday:

Reach the significant harbor, Bonifacio, and savor a delightful dinner.

Day 8 – Saturday:

Enjoy breakfast on board and check out at 9:00 a.m., concluding your week-long adventure.

What is Included?
The 7-night adventure with Luxury Sailing includes exceptional facilities such as heating/air conditioning, private bathrooms with showers, typical Sardinian cuisine, and fresh fish. The all-inclusive package (excluding drinks) features a bar on board with cocktails.

This exceptional experience extends to uncovering hidden treasures like the famous beach “Cala Coticcio” in Caprera, the wonders of La Maddalena National Park, and the charming village of Bonifacio. These excursions include transportation, lunch, and an expert tour guide.

A sea trip can be one of your bucket list goals. The unforgettable voyage along the stunning Sardinian coast is more than an adventure. Lorenzo intends to make this sailing escapade an experience of luxury, exploration, and authentic cuisine. Luxury Sailing is committed to providing cruises with style, memories, and thrill, as the words of satisfied customers on their Instagram page reflect.

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