As you probably know already — hopefully, if you're going to be in a car anywhere on the Westside later today — President Obama is in town. Why? Why do you think: the man is fundraising in a place that has historically been very kind to him. So, the places where you should plan not to be later today include LAX, Sony Pictures and Tavern, where the president is dining tonight. Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne's (AOC, Lucques) Brentwood restaurant will host 60 people, who will each pay $35,800 for dinner.

Yes, it will be a very good dinner, although of course the money will go to Obama's re-election campaign, rather than for any of the market-driven dishes on the plate. Specifically, it will be split, with the president's campaign receiving $5,000 and the Democratic National Committee getting $30,800, according to The Wrap.

It will be the president's second dinner of the evening, as he's scheduled to eat first in the Sony lot — we don't think it's a convoy of food trucks, although how cool would that be — where a preliminary dinner will take place. (Same number of people, same bill.) Who can afford $30K for dinner? In this town, plenty.

Among those expected to dine with Obama at Tavern: Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks), Michael Lynton (Sony Pictures), Berry Gordy (Motown), Elon Musk (PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla Motors), Russell Goldsmith (City National Bank), John Emerson (Capital Group) and Ken Solomon (Tennis Channel). One hopes they all tip well. As for any future “The President Ate Here” signs on the wall, like they have hanging in half of the diners in Iowa, well, we very much doubt it.

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