Where is Justin Jay’s PLUR?: Right at the tail end of 2021, producer Justin Jay released the “Where is the PLUR?” single. That arrived soon after a 100 track compilation to celebrate the five year anniversary of his Fantastic Voyage label. The self-described hyper pop and nu-rave artist is on a roll, even through lockdown.

“I’ve been amazing, very lucky and fortunate,” Jay told us. “Leading up to lockdown I was getting burnt out of touring and feeling a little lost artistically. Taking the time to refocus on making music, health, family etc was invaluable. Been an insanely productive 2 years both in my artistic journey and my personal life.”

Today, he describes his sound as, “singer/songwriter infused EDM mixed with an occasional touch of indie rock and a chaotic combination of underground club music.”

As for electronic music in general, he thinks this is an exciting time.

“There’s this new open-mindedness to different speeds, genres and styles that I’ve never experienced before,” he says. “I can play 90 bpm hip hop tracks, 125 bpm disco tracks and 200bpm gabber techno songs all in the same set. I can then hop on the mic and sing a few emotive ballads and people generally don’t seem offended by that chaos.”

We asked Jay about the “Where is the PLUR?” single.

“I came up with the idea when I was in the shower,” he says. “Literally ran to my phone, dripping on it as I recorded a voice memo. The song is an ode to edm and self love. I like that it’s silly and cheeky but also real. Made this one by myself on my laptop.”

Looking ahead, Jay has plenty planned for 2021.

“New album next year, launching a new vinyl series on my label, Fantastic Voyage that’s dedicated to exploring outer space and will go on tour as well,” he says. “Lots of exciting stuff!”

Where is Justin Jay’s PLUR?: Justin Jay’s “Where is the PLUR?” is out now.

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