Skyler Madison’s in a Future Trap: L.A.-based producer Skyler Madison started DJing in 2011 when she was 18, and built to the point where she could pursue a career at 24.

“The reason I even started DJing was with the intent of jumping right into producing to go hand-in-hand with my live shows, but with how busy my tour schedule was as a club DJ, I had to put that dream on the back burner for a few years since I was constantly on the go,” she says. “I started to slowly dabble in production around mid-2018 when I started getting into remixing and making edits for various DJ Records Pools online, which led me to make a ton of beats for fun. In late-2019, I started transitioning into producing, and that’s all I’ve been doing since the pandemic started. I guess quarantine was a blessing in disguise because I dedicated all my time to learning my craft and perfecting my sound to the best of my ability. This year alone marks a massive milestone after the past few years of silently working hard to reemerge as the self-made artist I’ve always wanted to be and knew I could be deep down.”

She describes her sound as “future trap.”

“It’s a more melodic-driven trap sound, incorporating various Future Bass, Trap, and Melodic Bass music elements,” she says.

The artist believes that electronic dance music is evolving and adapting at a rapid rate.

“Regardless of what genre you like or whatever is trending at the moment, everyone can find a way to relate to something, even if you’re new to the music or the culture,” she says. “Live shows, in my opinion, are the essence of the culture itself; and without the live shows to back up the music releases, it puts a damper on an artist’s ability to connect and build a solid fan base. That said, I know there were a lot of mixed feelings about the pandemic for a lot of artists. I decided to take advantage of the time off from touring to improve my production skills by enrolling in music school at Icon Collective, where I’ve further developed my sound and style. I also use the time off to learn how to adapt to a world without live shows.”

“I’ve witnessed a lot of cool integrations over the years involving EDM outside of the regular shows and festivals we all know and love, but after this pandemic hit, the thirst for live shows and electronic music has been at an all-time high,” she adds. “It’s been so refreshing to see the EDM culture collaborate with so many new and exciting communities across the board from gaming, conventions, live streaming, NFT’s, extreme sports, racing… the list goes on! All in all, I can see that dance music is thriving again, and I can’t wait to see how the future unfolds once this pandemic is finally over. I’m ecstatic to be able to hit the road again next year in full throttle.”

Het latest release is “Chasing Stars.”

“‘Chasing Stars’ has honestly been one of my favorite tracks and solo projects I’ve put out to date,” she says. “I feel like I was able to transcribe the ethereal and euphoric uplifting soundscape that I was aiming to create in the instrumental while still finding the perfect, almost nostalgic sounding vocal samples to bring this record to life. When creating this song, the driving emotion and vision I had for it were slowing down, enjoying the present moment, and appreciating the now. In the digital age, we’re always focused on ‘what’s next’ or ‘what the future holds’ rather than living and enjoying the present moment. ‘Chasing Stars’ is a metaphorical journey through time and space, getting caught up in a beautiful moment where nothing else around you matters.”

“The coolest part about releasing this track is hearing everyone’s interpretations of it,” she adds. “It’s incredibly special to me that this song can translate different meanings to each listener because that’s the exact type of music I want to be putting out in the world – where the perfect formula invokes genuine emotion, introspection, and positivity.”

Looking ahead, Madison has a lot of exciting plans for 2022, including an EP, shows, collaborations and more.

“This coming year feels like it’s about to be a pivotal moment for the evolution of my career and the personal growth that comes with me being an artist,” she says. “I’m really looking forward to all the exciting things in store for me and to displaying the new depths and many layers of my project.”

Skyler Madison’s in a Future Trap: Skyler Madison’s “Chasing Stars” is out now.

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