Where Creativity And Magic Meet: Ezequiel Pini Talks On Making A Difference As A Pioneer Digital Artist

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There’s always room for innovation in life and various professions. In the creative industry, the role of technology cannot be ignored. Indeed, the advancement in digital technology has proven to be an advantage to the creative industry, and one artist exploring all the possibilities is Ezequiel Pini, the creative genius behind the digital art studio,Six N. Five.

Ezequiel Pini is among the most gifted and prolific creative artists in the industry, showcasing some unique skills that have placed him ahead of the rest. He is proficient in digital arts, contemporary art, 3D animation, and Metaverse. He is also actively involved in surreal spaces, interior design, and NFT.

Also known by his moniker, Six N. Five, Ezequiel would like to be remembered as a pioneer in the design and creation of digital spaces and imaginary worlds. His unique talent allows him to represent ideals in visual history.

Through his studio, Six N. Five, he provides digital solutions to a broad range of clientele of various demography and ages, from customers inclined to the arts, architecture, and interior design, as well as fashion and collectibles. His vision is to transport minds visually to a place of magic, a lace of possibilities.

Ezequiel Pini says he prefers to work with new technologies because they are tools that help him explore the frontiers of art and design, magic, and reality. Essentially, technology allows him to push beyond the boundaries of imagination. This process results as accurately as possible, which is Ezequiel’s edge over others.

In a recent chat bordering on the creative industry and his participation in his perception of the current age of tech innovation, Ezequiel gushed that he had always been technologically inclined. For him, one has to embrace new technologies and flow with the trend to succeed in this digital age as a creative person.

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Using digital tools to perform his art has always been important to Ezequiel because he believes graphic design should have the best combination of both sides – technology and talent. During his career, he has explored the various fields of programming, animation, design, and finally, design and art in general.

Ezequiel reveals that his fascination for arts goes back to when he was a child drawing comic figures and obscure images that probably didn’t make sense at the time. He just loved scribbling images on paper. He usually spent hours drawing. While in high school, Ezequiel says he adapted to the computer science orientation because it resonated more with his passion for drawing.

He is currently working on several projects, like a physical store he designed for Moco Museum. His second project started from just a digital visualization until it became a reality. The official launch will come up next month.

Similarly, starting in October, Ezequiel will feature in a group exhibition in Berkley Square, Mayfair, where his first physical sculpture will be exhibited. The London exhibition will collaborate with other top artists from the traditional fine art scene.

Other projects in work are design collaborations with Avant Arte and immersive installation with W1 Curatesalso takes place in London.

Aside from being behind the impressive wallpaper design for the new Microsoft’s Windows 11, Ezequiel has won several notable awards and recognition, one of which was making the list of the top 100 most influential artists and winning the designer of the year in Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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