If you're a Dodger fan, September is when you start to say, “Wait till next year.” Not for the Dodgers to win the pennant, but for the McCourt divorce case to finally end.

It certainly won't happen this year — but maybe next? Outside court today, Michael Kump, one of Jamie McCourt's attorneys, predicted that a trial could be held next summer.

That would determine whether Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the Dodgers, or if ex-wife Jamie will get half (which would result in a sale). That trial, Kump predicted, could take 30-45 days.

Lord help us.

The McCourts spent the whole day in court today, and didn't settle very much. They agreed that Frank will continue to pay Jamie spousal support in the amount of $225,000 per month — that's per month.

They also agreed that for the next two months, about $400,000 in monthly mortgage payments will not come from Frank's pocket. Instead, it'll come from the proceeds of the sale of one of the McCourts' many homes — the one they did laundry in.

And — true to form — they agreed to keep fighting about that issue and over so much more at the next hearing, scheduled for Nov. 17. A trial date may be set at that hearing, and Kump said that there's enough legwork that needs to get done first that it's hard to see how it could happen sooner than next summer.

Theoretically, a Delaware bankruptcy judge could order a sale of the team sooner than that. But that case has slowed to a crawl, so it seems pretty unlikely.

So, if you're waiting for the Dodgers to get sold — wait till next year.

LA Weekly