We're beginning to think L.A. is the Rodney Dangerfield of cities — you know, no respect. Despite our celebrity, natural beauty, and second-only-to-New York size, we suck in so many ways. Our traffic is the worst. Our roads are almost the worst. Our do-nothing City Council gets paid more than any other across the land.

What we need is a shot of self-esteem. What we need is … the Lakers!

What was that? 1 and 2? Lost to the Clippers pre-season? Arg. Sounds about right:

The Atlantic this week (via LA Biz Observed) breaks down the pro sports data and finds that L.A. only ranks fifth among big cities with multiple championships.

The Atlantic:

Greater New York tops the list with 59 total championships. Chicago is second with 29. Boston ties with Montreal with 24 titles each; Los Angeles is fifth with 23 and Detroit sixth with 22.

Credit: The Atlantic

Credit: The Atlantic

Our fair city gets even smaller when you consider size, or “championships per 100,000 residents,” where tiny Green Bay comes in first and L.A. a measly ninth and is outranked by the likes of Montreal and … Edmonton?

Yeah, Edmonton.

To be fair, we haven't had an NFL team since Clinton was president. And we're a capital of solo, lifestyle sports like running, surfing and skateboarding.

So remember that when you're down (and the Lakers are losing).

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