You're the nebbishy, bumbling IT guy. She's the hottest girl in the office, maybe the planet. Under no circumstances is she ever going to have a candlelit romantic dinner with you. OK, maybe one circumstance: You both survive the Zombocalypse.

That dinner will consist of potato chip/cheesy poof/chocolate bar sandwiches that you'll shovel into your mouths like starving dogs, but you might be able to snap the perfect selfie with her if she rests her gore-covered head on your shoulder and falls asleep. Too bad Facebook has been obliterated, along with the human race.

Andy Goldenberg's hilariously far-fetched web series Bad Timing is a refreshingly blood-soaked take on the “odd couple on an island” scenario.

Goldenberg already had a large following on his YouTube channel, Goldentusk, where he writes and performs original lyrics to classic movie theme songs. But on the acting front, he felt unfulfilled.

He began sketching out what he calls “miniature stand-up routines about life, love and the sheer terror at dying alone at the end of the world.” He then brought those monologues to his writer sister, Lauren Goldenberg (Chuck), who crafted them into the series' smart, funny script.

Over the course of the show, Andy (Goldenberg) and Eve (Aqueela Zoll) hunker down at their dead colleague's abandoned house and seem to be on their way to repopulating the human race, when Eve's superhot boyfriend, Kevin (Michael Foster), shows up.

“If there's anything more awkward than trying to make the girl of your dreams fall in love with you,” Andy sighs, “it's attempting to do it in front of her gorgeous, perfect boyfriend.”

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