We were talking to an acquaintance (female, late 30s, educated, divorced) and she was telling us that one of the main reasons she listens to NPR every morning has to do with… well, the tingly feelings she gets from the dulcet tones of powerful, taste-making DJ (and KCRW music director) Jason Bentley. Moreover, she pointed out that, according to an unscientific poll among her friends, this is not a unique occurrence.

Now, there's a famous 2007 piece on Nerve.com by Sara Hepola about getting off by having aural sex with national NPR sex god Ira Glass, but the Glass Man has never had to feign interest in yet another boring folk-rock combo from Sweden, chuckling at their awkward boilerplate about playing some museum event. Bentley fucking sells everything on his show with a wink, a smile, and an undercurrent of torrid Crate & Barrel, walks-on-the-beach naughtiness directed at you, the commuter.

Ladies (and Gentlemen, of course): What's your dirtiest Jason Bentley sexual fantasy?

[UPDATE: Jason has sent word that “he'll be looking for his 'future ex'” at KCRW's Masquerade Halloween party. Details here.]

BONUS stalking info: these are Bentley's top 5 places in LA (according to the Refinery 29 website), in case you wanna let him know how you feel about his winestore chill guy eroticism:

1. Venice Boardwalk: “Disco roller-skaters, body-builders, and Michael Jackson impersonators make this carnival by the sea an essential destination on any given Sunday afternoon.”

The Venice Boardwalk, 1800 Ocean Front Walk (between Venice Boulevard and Rose Avenue); No Phone.

2. Downtown L.A. Pub Crawl: “A constellation of watering-holes will guide the tenacious inebriate through the dark night. A few spots that inspire include The Association, The Edison, Broadway Bar, and The Varnish.”

The Association, 110 East 6th Street (between Spring Street and Los Angeles Street); 213-627-7385;

The Edison, 108 West 2nd Street (between South Spring Street and South Main Street); 213-613-0000;

Broadway Bar, 830 South Broadway (between 8th Street and 9th Street); 213-614-9909;

The Varnish, 118 West 6th Street (between South Main Street and South Los Angeles Street); 213-622-9999.

3. The Village Recorder: “A one of a kind recording studio in Los Angeles located in a former Masonic Temple. Within these hallowed halls, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, and countless others have recorded classic albums.”

The Village Recorder, 1616 Butler Avenue (between Ohio Avenue and Iowa Avenue); 310-478-8227.

4. Sawtelle Boulevard: “With considerable history among the Asian American community, if you're looking for legit noodle houses, sushi, or serious Korean BBQ, this street has it all. You'll also find Japanese botanical nurseries, anime shops, and tea importers.”

Sawtelle Boulevard (between La Grange Avenue and Olympic Boulevard).

5. KCRW: “It's not just a job, it's an adventure.”

Locals, tune in to 89.9 at 9 a.m. PST and check out Eclectic24 for the station's new online music channel.

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