On this week's print edition of the LA Weekly, Drew Tewksbury interviews DJ Squeak E. Clean, aka Sam Spiegel, aka Spike Jonze's brother, aka the man behind the star-studded N.A.S.A. project.

Spiegel's N.A.S.A. concept album dropped last year and now it's getting the remix treatment from the likes of “Steve Aoki, L.A. Riots, spazztastic Frenchman Mr. Oizo, and many others” (the man's Rolodex is something to behold).

N.A.S.A. will alse be playing on a bill with Kid Cudi, Bassnectar, A-Trak, Rusko and many others at the Audiotistic festival on Saturday, July 24 at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino.

Spiegel revealed some juicy details about past and present collaborators, including an important addition to Kool Keith's mythology.

Check it out:

He talks about the time when E-40 and Method Man stopped by the Squeak E. Clean studios to record their track: “They were all drinking jugs of Carlo Rossi that they'd pour into bottles of grape Gatorade.”

On the raucous collaboration between Kool Keith and Toms Waits: “He lived up in the cabin way out in Napa, in wine country. He hadn't really done any collaborations before, [or] anything with electronic sounds, but his son was really into Kool Keith, so he did it.”

On Kool Keith: “Kool Keith is writing music almost all day. Every day he wakes up, writes some music, eats some Chinese food, then shops for cloth — because he designs women's lingerie and panties, you know — then goes back to writing.”

Spiegel even captured one of the last tracks ever recorded by Ol' Dirty Bastard, allegedly just weeks before he passed away. “I didn't get to meet him, but we kept trying to have him come into the studio, and he kept standing us up. So he eventually said that he would record the track in his own studio.”

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