I know what you're thinking about you dirty girl. Yeah. You know you want it. You know you want … ice cream.

Way to cool the guys off. The folks at California-based marketing data company NetBase this week released results of a comprehensive look at want women and men want via their expressions on social media sites. The results were surprising.

Not only do women not think about what men think they think about, but …

… men don't even think about … sex either, apparently.

Women express desire for ice cream via social media than anything else, according to the number crunching. Of course, men think about women with ice cream, but that's a different story.

Some women even said they like ice cream better than sex.

Men, however, do express their desire for … bumping uglies. Nope. Old stereotype. Not true.

The number one thing men desire, as seen through social media, is cars. Some dudes even said they desire a new ride more than they desire a woman.

Fascinating. And true.

What's strange about the data is that the top three things men and women desire — ice cream, cars and pizza for her; cars, pizza and ice cream for him — are the same but in different order.

Credit: NetBase

Credit: NetBase


According to NetBase:

We proceeded to identify categories of wants, pinpointed the most talked-about and most-loved brands, and found themes associated with each of the brands.

So now, guys, you know what the ladies really want. Make sure to keep it cold.

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