Is this what it's come to, Los Angeles? We were doing so well, what with Alma being named America's best new restaurant by Bon Appetit, and the never-ending bounty of our farmers markets. Now, we're all back to eating fair food.

At least that's the prevailing sentiment behind the new Doughnut-Dog at Currywurst on Fairfax.

The German-inspired sausage eatery is known primarily for being one of several L.A. spots to get yourself some curry ketchup and a decent bockwurst. But with the ballooning cronut knockoff craze threatening to take L.A. by storm, the intrepid Currywurst figured it couldn't hurt to start messing with its own doughnut configurations. Hence, the birth of the Doughnut-Dog.

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First, there is the Long John doughnut, fluffy and bar-shaped and sugary in the way that all doughnuts are. The whole thing is split lengthwise and tossed onto the griddle, firming up the exterior while helping to further caramelize the outside. Once that's done, the Currywurst team tosses on a pure beef Vienna hot dog, then tops off the finished product with a run of thin sweet & spicy mustard and sautéed onions, if you'd like. You know, just to be safe.

Enjoying this stunt dog is entirely a matter of personal taste, although for what it's worth you don't often hear people complaining that their hot dogs aren't sugary enough. What we, as a city, have done to deserve the Doughnut-Dog is unclear, but the safe money says that it's some sort of curse brought on by the show Eat Drink Love.

For a limited time, the dogs are available at Currywurst on Fairfax for $5, but you can't expect fair food like this to stay on the menu forever.

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