Best Coast is a buzzworthy LA buzzband featuring Bethany Cosentino, who sometimes is referred to as “Best Coast” in the same way Carlos Santana from the band Santana is often referred to as Santana.

Bobb Bruno, a mainstay of the alt-scene in LA, is also in the band.

Bethany and Bobb went to Amoeba to shoot one of those entertaining “What's in my bag” spots where they record shop for free and then they say things about the records (we really love the Slits one–check it out.)

Anyhow, what did buzzband Best Coast get at Amoeba? Was it buzzworthy? Was it Spectoresque? Was it hazy? Did Bethany talk about Snacks the cat? Do we revert to questions like Carles from Hipster Runoff when we talk about buzzband Best Coast because he's the ideal chronicler of their curious rise to alt success?


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