See our post about how one of the people stuck in traffic Tuesday was L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who will also be the guy charging the suspects.

We got so many comments about Tuesday's media stunt, in which the band Imperial Stars blocked traffic on the southbound 101 freeway in Hollywood, that it's hard to pick a favorite.

Many pointed out that few had heard of Imperial Stars before the traffic-jam, and that even fewer will want to hear it after checking out the act's video for “Traffic Jam 101.”

“Crap band from O.C. looking for publicity” seemed to be a mantra in the comments section of our original story, even though the Stars themselves say the event was staged to bring attention to the plight of homeless children.

Whatever the case, the California Highway Patrol indicated it plans to throw the book at the three band members it arrested following the 10:30 a.m. stunt. We're kind of hoping punishment will include being forced to listen to their own music and being forced to sit in a nightmarish traffic jam in their own community — O.C.

Our commenter du jour, “these guys suck,” might have a better idea:

These guys are really really bad, but I think since they're all about whatever cause, maybe they should be fined the amount it cost to employ each police officer for the time it took them to arrest these fools… plus the cost of gas, same for the fire fighters, same for everyone stuck in traffic. They obliviously have money to waste on their pseudo-talent… with a truck like that. And, shitty though the video might be, someone charged them for it. I say take all their money and give it to homeless kids, or whatever. Then they'll also have less to spend on continuing to make vapid music as well. Everybody wins!

What kind of punishment do you think the suspected pranksters should face?

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