How would our fair city look, and how would it change, if we could sub out L.A.'s gridlocked maze of freeways for an intricate public transportation system? The latter part of that question may never be answered, but designer Peter Dunn has shown us what we're missing with the maps he's created of a phantom Los Angeles subway system.

As The Atlantic Cities reported this morning, Dunn was able to reimagine L.A.'s underground with the help of Kickstarter. Through his campaign, he gathered feedback from L.A. residents in order to improve the map's accuracy; he also collected pre-orders for a first print run of the image as a poster.

The Atlantic reports that “Dunn has worked nights and weekends on the map since January, fitting it in around his full-time job as an urban planner. 'If I'd known ahead of time the real size of the freeway system in L.A., I would have picked something different,' he says.”

Closeup of "Kellogg Interchange"; Credit: Peter Dunn/Stonebrown Designs

Closeup of “Kellogg Interchange”; Credit: Peter Dunn/Stonebrown Designs

See more detailed images of Dunn's work at Stonebrown Design's website.

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