What If, by TaniA Kyllikki feat Rynellton, belongs in a true-life movie

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“Discovering a singer-songwriter who can say, ‘I bravely own my authenticity; I am who I am, period,’ without any reservations or apologies, is a breath of fresh air in a field rife with imitation.”

TaniA Kyllikki, whose name can be found all over the Internet as the British songbird, has used her music to cultivate an attitude of hopefulness in the face of adversity and to express the ultimate strength with a spirit of hope, that one can indeed overcome virtually any obstacle so long as one maintains a positive outlook, a firm belief in one’s own abilities, and a strong will to succeed.

Her lyrics address controversial topics, yet she manages to transform even the most devastating losses into something uplifting and everlasting. Her dedicated production crew and team laid the groundwork for her to shine on all of her singles. She has such an impressive vocal range, and she knows how to use it to convey just the appropriate feeling, that everyone who discovers her is left blown away by her tremendous mastery.

After the success of her previous release, H.W.C., which has amassed over half a million streams and views independently, the UK-based songstress has now released a music video for her new single release, “What If,” and vocally, the song has all the fire and vocal prowess fans have come to expect from her. Rynellton (real name: Garry D. Hairston) produced the song, which incorporates acoustic guitar, harp, piano, strings, lovely nature effects, and powerful, angelic runs from TaniA that build when it reaches the chorus, which is full of inspiration despite the song’s melancholy subject matter.

There’s something extra special about this song that makes you feel like it belongs in a true-life movie. TaniA’s voice delivers the story with such emotions that you can close your eyes and get lost in her musical cosmos, creating your own movie in your mind even without the visual of the new music video, which paints a heartfelt picture of what the song is about. This is a feat few singers are capable of, but Kyllikki has those same vocal wow factor qualities that the great vocal powerhouses of the 1980s processed, much of which is lacking in today’s generation.

What If? is a moving account of a couple’s grief at the loss of their unborn child. Leaving them dreaming of what may have been if only their baby had survived. TaniA and Rynellton have taken the pain of losing not one but five babies—Lyric, London, Blair, Connor, and Noah—and turned it into a beautiful love song for them. Those who have experienced the heartbreak of a miscarriage or stillbirth can find great solace in this song, which may help them find peace.

Sadly, things happen in life that are tragically unpredictable and beyond our control. Kyllikki, as usual, exceeds expectations once again with “What If?” And she inspires us by showing us that it is possible to transform even the deepest sorrow into something beautiful and unforgettable. In the realm of “What if?” TaniA Kyllikki and Rynellton have delivered all of these things and more.

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What If TaniA Kyllikki feat Rynellton

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