Delta 9 THC has intoxicating effects, but what does it feel like? Let’s examine the Delta 9 high.

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What Is Delta 9?

There are tiny molecular differences between the different types of THC – like Delta 9, Delta 8, and Delta 10 – which do affect how the “high” works within your body. Delta 9 THC is a little more potent than other THC forms, producing more notable effects within the body.

Delta 9 is the most naturally abundant form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Delta 9 products, particularly paired with CBD and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids, are becoming more and more popular.

There are also high-potency products which focus solely on getting more Delta 9 into your system, and these appeal to a wide variety of users, from those wanting a recreational high to those who want the health benefits or workout recovery boosts offered by THC and other cannabinoids.

We know that Delta 9 THC is intoxicating like any form of THC, and many would-be users want to know what the high is like. While a product may boast that it’s the best high ever, there’s more influencing your high than the type of THC involved.

Does Delta 9 Get You High?

You may be familiar with some of the effects of Delta 9 if you’ve used marijuana-based products before, but what’s the difference between the marijuana-based high and the high offered by Delta 9 combined with CBD products, which are made from industrial hemp? Will the Delta 9 get you high, just like if you’d smoked marijuana or had some marijuana edibles?

The answer is, most honestly — possibly. Maybe even likely, but it all depends on how Delta 9 affects you as an individual.

The Delta 9 will have an intoxicating effect, to varying degrees, but how that affects you and makes you feel can vary from person to person. A friend of yours may tout the long-lasting high they feel from their new Delta 9 gummies, but you may take them and go right to sleep. It really depends on how your body processes THC in general.

How Will Delta 9 THC Make You Feel?

The benefits of Delta 9 are tied in with the effects it has on how you feel. Take a look at some of the beneficial effects that Delta 9 has:

  • The most relaxing of all the cannabinoids
  • The most enhanced sleep
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Contributes to the entourage effect – meaning that cannabinoids boost each other’s performance when Delta 9 is involved
  • Supports a healthy appetite

But what about the high feeling? When you take enough of the Delta 9 molecules, you can most certainly feel some of those high effects.

For some people, this simply means an enhanced state of calm, perhaps even notable sleepiness. For others who may be particularly sensitive to the effects of THC, this can rival the recreational high associated with more potent marijuana products.

But, on the whole, this recreational high is less notable than with marijuana. For one, the Delta 9 products won’t hit as hard and fast as smoked marijuana because they are not inhaled but must be metabolized to get into your bloodstream and brain.

Also, consider that the Delta 9 THC included in CBD products will be far more consistent than what’s in marijuana. You’ll always know exactly how much THC you are consuming with Delta 9 products, which puts the control in your hands.

Before You Try Delta 9 THC

Before you purchase and use Delta 9 products, consider:

  1. How much Delta 9 THC is included in the product? This will be in terms of milligrams per dose. The higher the milligrams you take per dose, the more pronounced the effects will be. The Delta 9 Gummies, for example, have 10 mg of Delta 9 THC per gummy.
  2. The quality of the Delta 9 products you choose – Delta 9 will be more potent and effective if you purchase high-quality products with clean extraction methods.
  3. Higher metabolisms would experience a faster but shorter high feeling than those who metabolize the product more slowly.
  4. Your previous experience with any THC products. This can help you to understand if you are particularly sensitive to THC’s effects.
  5. If you take Delta 9 when you are already tired, then you may experience more notable sleepiness.
  6. If you take Delta 9 products on an empty stomach you may feel the effects sooner.
  7. If you experience unwanted side effects – like nausea or dry mouth, for example – then the amount of THC you are taking is likely too high. Reduce the amount for your next dose.

Use Delta 9 Responsibly

When you first begin using Delta 9 products, it’s best to start slow and take it in the safety of your own home. Take a small amount, observe how it makes you feel, and then adjust your doses as needed. But understand, the wellness high is not the same as or nearly as intoxicating as marijuana products would be, which blast THC into your system for a quicker and higher high. But you may find the “lesser” high is more useful in your life and easier to manage.

Check with your doctor to be sure you are a good candidate for Delta 9 THC products and with your employer or organizations to be sure it’s OK for you to take them. Above all, use Delta 9 THC products responsibly and keep them out of the reach of children and your pets.

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