The Rodarte twins (no, not the creepy sisters who design neogoth outfits for Target) are the core of Ollin, a celebrated East LA band who combine two solid Chicano traditions: a punk rock attitude and an irreverent take on the ancestral party music of our local Mexican-American cultures.

Their love for the music of The Pogues–and the Rodartes' understanding of the similarities between Irish and Mexican ideas of celebration and endurance–makes them the ideal band to score St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, March 17, at The Echo.

Ollin will be covering the entirety of Shane MacGowan et al.'s masterpiece Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (possibly named after the British Navy's version of “Rock Paper Scissors”).

Two years ago, Ollin were personally invited by Spider Stacey of The Pogues to open for the Irish group's big-time New York celebration of the green-beer holiday. This Dia de San Patricio, they're bringing it all back home to LA.

BONUS TRACK: “La Loma,” by Ollin

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