Strong CBD is key for your health and wellness – but how you use it is also important. Here’s how to get the best out of your CBD.

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Strong CBD Benefits

CBD benefits include a greater sense of wellness and calm, improved sleep, and help with those daily aches and pains that keep you from enjoying your life. Imagine all of those benefits amplified by using stronger and more potent forms of CBD. For some people, using a stronger form of CBD is just what they need to take all those benefits to the greater level needed to experience a more joyful and relaxed life.

Science now shows that CBD helps our bodies because cannabinoids from hemp mimic the endocannabinoids our bodies already produce, although sometimes at a deficit. CBD and other cannabinoids rush into those deficits and support our body’s natural functions – like how we sleep, how our appetites are regulated, and how our bodies respond to stress and pain. Because of our shared biology as humans, we know that CBD can help because of a specialized system in our bodies that utilizes CBD.

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CBD and the ECS

Every one of us humans has an endocannabinoid system. It sounds pretty fancy, but it’s all about balance within the body and getting our other bodily systems to function optimally. Overall, this makes us feel better and more calm. Cannabinoids from hemp are used in CBD formulations as a catalyst for this heightened sense of calm and even to make us have more optimal restful sleep. For many people, CBD can be a life-changing experience.

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Strong CBD Is Better

Strong CBD formulations take what science has taught us about CBD and how it helps our bodies function at their best and raises the bar for how CBD can help. Stronger formulations use the highest-quality CBD and other cannabinoids in the most potent forms to create superior CBD products for those that need the best on the market.

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Taking CBD Regularly Is Best!

Remember, it’s still important for you to use your CBD products, whichever kinds you buy – the regular formulas, the broad spectrum ones or the full spectrum ones, the Delta 9 THC specialized CBD products or the new high-potency CBD formulas – regularly, twice a day, without fail.

This is because for CBD to work optimally in your system, you have to reach a threshold of the level that works best for you and keep that level of CBD in your system. Don’t worry, your body will use all it needs and simply metabolize the rest. So you know you’ll always have enough CBD for your body to function its best, mentally and physically.

Morning Dosing

Every morning you’ll take your regular dose of strong CBD oils. You can do this with a dropper taking a CBD tincture, which quickly goes into your system. Or you can take gel capsules with a glass of water. Whichever you choose, take the same amount of CBD each morning at generally the same time of the day. Don’t miss a dose, or you could feel a lagging or lull as the CBD from the dose from the preceding night begins to drop to critically low levels. If you forget, simply go ahead and take it later in the morning.

Evening Dosing

You’ll do the same thing each evening. Take the same dose you do in the morning. Some people need the full spectrum formula rather than the broad spectrum formula in the evenings to help even more with their sleep. This is because full spectrum CBD oils contain even more cannabinoids than broad spectrum with the addition of THC, the most relaxing cannabinoid.

It’s OK to use broad spectrum in the day and full spectrum at night – but this is one more reason to use higher potency CBD formulas. You may be able to take the same thing day and night without switching and get more benefits from one product, simply because the CBD and other cannabinoids are more potent in the stronger CBD formulas.

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Add-on CBD Products

There are lots of CBD add-on products like CBD gummies and CBD microdosing capsules. You may use these in addition to your regular CBD regimen to “tweak” your CBD levels to your liking. Stronger CBD options for your regular regimen may, however, mean you can use fewer products – like your regular strong formula CBD + a favorite calming gummy, for example – to get the most of your CBD and enjoy a CBD wellness life that you simply can’t get from regular daily vitamin regimens or protein drinks (although these, too, are important for your health and wellness!). Soon, you’ll master your CBD regimen and find the right combinations of other supplements, like a daily vitamin or a collagen for your skin, to provide additional nutrition for all your cells – and your body and mind will feel better than ever before.

Here at cbdMD we hope you enjoy this new level of wellness with strong CBD solutions for all your daily needs!


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