A man, his son, and his son's girlfriend were wounded in a gang-related shooting in Del Rey over the weekend that might be tied to what appears to be an ongoing feud between Venice gangsters and their rivals, the Culver City Boyz.

The attack outside Bill's Liquor store at Culver Boulevard and Slauson Avenue, only a few blocks from the LAPD's Pacific Division in Del Rey, was reported at 9 p.m. Saturday, according to City News service.

Various reports had the attack as a case of mistaken identity:

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The dad and his teen child (and the boy's teen girlfriend) were not, apparently, gangsters; nor were they, it seems, the intended targets. According to CNS:

The father was shot in the chest and suffered a collapsed lung, [LAPD Officer Fernando] Alvarez said. A bullet went through the shoulder of a 15-year-old boy, he said, and a ricocheting bullet struck a 13-year-old girl in the head, lodging under her skin.

The Los Angeles Times put it this way:

The mother went inside to buy something, then the father went in to talk to her, said LAPD Sgt. Craig Brown.

When the father got back into the car, four or five men came up to the side of the vehicle, and two of them opened fire, striking the father and the two teens, Brown said.

All three were hospitalized.

The website Venice311, which covers crime in the Pacific Division's area, stated that the teens were expected to recover but that the father was “critical.”

The publication speculated that the attack was misdirected retaliation for a shooting Thursday night at the Oakwood Recreation Center, which is in the heart of Venice 13 and Venice Shoreline Crips gang territory:

It was indicated that this shooting could be related to the shooting earlier in the week at Broadway and 7th near Oakwood Park.

That shooting was covered by the website Yo! Venice!:

A witness heard 8 shots, followed by one person yelling “I've been shot”. The shooting took place by the picnic tables in the park.

The victim was said to be “okay.”

In June two teenagers were killed and another young man was wounded in a shooting at Venice's Penmar Park that cops attributed to at least one suspect from Culver City.

Slauson Avenue in Del Rey is the core of the Culver City Boyz' turf.


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