Correction after the jump: A dispensary worker says the suspects were tracked via a stolen smartphone and that they were previously unknown to the shop.

Three men were arrested after a brazen robbery of West Hollywood's well-known marijuana dispensary called The Farmacy over the weekend.

The heist happened Saturday at 8:03 p.m. in the 7000 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, according to a statement from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. (The Farmacy is at 7825 Santa Monica Boulevard).

The armed robbers allegedly tied or handcuffed store workers while they took cash, weed and victims' cellphones.

The sheriff's department:

One suspect held six employees at gunpoint while two other suspects secured the victims' hands, took them to the rear of the business and ordered them to lie on the ground; the store manager was ordered to open the safe.

We have a feeling the victims knew the bad guys though, because Cops were quickly on their tail.

[Fixed]: An angry caller alerted us to the fact that the shop did not know who these suspects were. A worker (not the angry caller) at the Farmacy subsequently said the suspects were tracked via an app on an android phone one of them allegedly took, and that store workers did the tracking themselves, letting cops know the results.

We didn't mean to imply that the shop would be associated with allegedly bad people, just that they might have recognized who they were (possibly customers or people who cased the place?). Our bad.

Said angry caller also said bail was a lot more. We only know what the sheriff's department told us, but we wouldn't doubt it if that fact might have changed.

Deputies found the suspects at a residence in Lancaster, the department says. The victims were actually taken there to ID the alleged robbers.

A subsequent search-warrant raid helped authorities come up with some of the stolen goods and the cellphones, deputies say.

The suspects were ID'd by the sheriff's department as:

-Derrick Devon Jones, 30. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery and kidnapping and was held without bail for a parole violation.

-Willie David Johnson, 35. He was also arrested on suspicion of robbery and kidnapping. His bail was set at $100,000.

-Terrence Terrill Brown, 29. Same deal: Suspicion of robbery and kidnapping, $100,000 bail.

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The Farmacy, one of only four dispensaries legally allowed to operate in Weho as far as we can tell, was the subject of a federal raid in 2007. Read more about that here.


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